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I am using NaNoWriMo to build up a backlog of novels for future re-writing/editing.

My goal is to have 100 novels that can be re-written/edited by the time I retire, so I am actually doing NaNo every month, and completing 1 or 2 zero draft novels each month. I currently have 170 horribly written novels in my files, and will have just over 200 when I actually retire.  After I sort through them to remove the hideously horrible OMG why did I write THAT ideas and recovered with copious applications of tea, I will do a second sort to find stories/ideas that are half-assed, incomplete, and incapable of supporting an entire novel, but might be worked into another novel – or combined with other half-assed novel ideas to form a whole one. With luck, the third sort will give me 100 novels to re-write and edit into a shareable/publishable form.

This is how I intend to spend my retirement – re-writing and editing the best of those 100 novels for the first few years, then learning how to format them for publication and picking up modern ideas on marketing.

As an employed person, I don’t have time to both write books (which includes the research, re-writes, edits, proof-readings, beta-readings, and final edits) and to format and market them across several platforms.  I have time to write the zero drafts, then to do research that will elevate them out of zero draft status. I sometimes have time to do a bit of re-writing to incorporate that research. But time for major re-writes and edits and such is delayed until post-retirement.

Once I am retired, I will have plenty of time to devote to the books, the re-writes and edits and all that is involved in making a book readable and to also do the marketing to generate extra retirement income. I may only make enough to pay for travel expenses and meals, but that’s OK. My retirement income from my job and SS will pay my living expenses. I am hoping my books will provide me with entertainment, activity, and the extra money needed to fund those things.

So, that’s why I am doing NaNoWriMo – it’s the one time of year when I know other people are also busy writing zero drafts.


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As a late starter in Camp NaNo, I am just lurking in my cabin.  I am a fast writer, at least for the initial story, so I am confident I can end the month having met my goals.

Tossing out rough novels is easy peasy. I can easily write a novel a week.

I actually have written a novel a week.

With a backlog of dozens of novels that have beginnings, muddles, and ends, I should really stop writing more zero drafts and start polishing up the stories I have in hand. Ditto for the short stories.  I have dozens of those, too.

I even submitted one.


It needs more work. It was declined. All of them need more work.

Is there a program for writers who write and write and write, but never rewrite and polish and edit? One that would slow down the stream of ideas and characters and scenes and actions long enough to turn the muddles into actual middles?

This isn’t an issue with my non-fiction. I can knock out a workbook, a training manual, an employee handbook, a reference article in a few days and then go through and tighten and tidy it up enough to pass Legal in less than a month.

Why can’t I do the same with my fiction?

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