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I didn’t keep up with my cabin or contribute much to the Camp NaNo web site.

I did finish the challenge, just didn’t play well with others.

My bad. I’ll do better at NaNo in November.


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As a late starter in Camp NaNo, I am just lurking in my cabin.  I am a fast writer, at least for the initial story, so I am confident I can end the month having met my goals.

Tossing out rough novels is easy peasy. I can easily write a novel a week.

I actually have written a novel a week.

With a backlog of dozens of novels that have beginnings, muddles, and ends, I should really stop writing more zero drafts and start polishing up the stories I have in hand. Ditto for the short stories.  I have dozens of those, too.

I even submitted one.


It needs more work. It was declined. All of them need more work.

Is there a program for writers who write and write and write, but never rewrite and polish and edit? One that would slow down the stream of ideas and characters and scenes and actions long enough to turn the muddles into actual middles?

This isn’t an issue with my non-fiction. I can knock out a workbook, a training manual, an employee handbook, a reference article in a few days and then go through and tighten and tidy it up enough to pass Legal in less than a month.

Why can’t I do the same with my fiction?

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Home and transportation expenses this year reduced the amount of money I could spend on my daughter’s birthday, until a surprise royalty check from a workbook I wrote showed up!

I was able to give her $500 towards new glasses and a visit to a museum she very much wanted to see, plus give her a magnetic knife rack and a box of Little Debbie cakes. I chose the “S’Mores” Cakes in the camping theme, since she is participating in Camp NaNo.

We’re in different cabins – she writes and has been published professionally as a horror writer, and I write non-fic and am attempting genre fiction (mostly SF).

I’m tempted to get her the entire line of Little Debbie camping snack cakes as writing snacks. They have animal track brownies as well as the “S’Mores” rolls, and cabin tent cakes. Now I’m on a quest to find suitable camping snacks to give her.

I love getting royalty checks!

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Camp NaNo

I know.  I’m late to the game.

But at the urging of several friends and in support of the local ML, I decided to allow my word count to bolster their efforts.

I like NaNoWriMo for the support and camaraderie it provides, as well as the motivation to just get the words out. Editing can come later.

Camp NaNo is sort of like NaNoWriMo, only smaller. I’ve been in it for only 2 days though.

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