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List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

Seven, huh?

Let’s see.

  1. I cannot abide stupidity. I am not talking here about ignorance or people with lower levels of intelligence.  I am talking about people who are smart and choose not to be.  They deliberately blind themselves to the reality around them and to the facts, choosing to build a little world of their own and to viciously attack anyone who accidentally broaches their walls.  I’m talking about people who know running a red light can cause accidents and yet choose to do so anyway.  I’m talking about people who hear and see the rising the gasoline prices and yet choose to buy a vehicle that guzzles gasoline.  I’m talking about people who feel the effects of pollution in their breathing and yet vote against air cleaning laws.  Stupidity on any level angers me almost into incoherence.
  2. I have very high standards for myself. I do not apply my standards to other people.  They have a different, much lower, set of standards I expect from them.  And it varies according to the person.  I expect much more of people I have seen are capable than I do of people I don’t know at all.  I have lower expectations from children than I do adults.  I have different expectations from a police officer than I do from a doctor.  I tailor my expectations according to the person and their profession and other habits.  My standards for me are high because I know what I’m capable of.
  3. I am a sensual person. I love good food well prepared and well presented.  I love the feel of different textures, the odors of different fragrances, the colors of various things.  The shapes and positions of things can please me inordinately.  I am a synesthete, which means my senses are sort of scrambled.  Colors are also fragrances and textures to me, temperatures are textures as well – hot things are sharp and pointy.  Flavors come through as color and texture.  The one sense that seems to be lacking is sound.  Almost everything is muted and sound comes through to me as sound only.  I don’t hear variations in pitch or tone, only volume.  The words of a song mean more to me than the musical score.  What music I understand and “hear” is based upon words alone, the textures, images, and emotions they evoke.
  4. My spirituality is integral to my life. It doesn’t need to be shared, it doesn’t need to be validated by outside sources, it doesn’t need someone else’s permission or interpretation.  Everything I do is based upon my spiritual beliefs from the food I select and prepare to the words I say and the deeds I accomplish.  The very air I breathe is a part of my spirituality.  There is no moment I am not aware of the gift of life I have been given.  This is part of the reason I have such high standards for myself – I have been given a great gift of life and I feel it is wrong to squander it in any way, but most especially in trying to control other lives.  We each have this wonderful gift and we each have been given all the tools and senses and skills and abilities we need to survive and thrive and be.  Anything less is a sin.
  5. When I love, it is forever and unconditional. When I decide to love someone, even if that decision is made viscerally or subconsciously and without my fully informed consent, it is a forever thing.  The people I love don’t need to love me back.  They don’t even need to know I love them.  Time, distance, actions – none of that matters.  My love transcends all of these things.  If I love someone and don’t see them for 20 years, that love will still be as fresh and vital as it was 20 years ago. I have never said “I will love you only if you….” or “If you do … I will stop loving you” and I never will.  My love is constant, abiding, and will endure for as long as I live.  Maybe longer.  Nothing the other person can do will change that.  I am always surprised if someone loves me back.  I don’t expect it.  It – humbles – me to be loved by someone else.
  6. My anger is a flash. I have a lot of “breakers” that snap and reset quickly so my anger rarely lasts for long.  A few words, a mean look, and voila, it’s history and I’m not mad anymore.  I’m ready to move on and get on with life.  I don’t hold a grudge and I can’t wrap my mind around people who do.  I think it’s a waste of time to nurse a grudge and let it consume my life to the point that nothing else matters but revenge and getting even.  I snap, I move on.  Life is too full of other things to stop at one event.
  7. My hatred is forever. That seems to be a contradiction of the last point, but it isn’t.  Anger is over little things – flash, boom and it’s done, like a power surge through a breaker box.  Hatred is a big thing, caused by large issues.  My response to hatred is usually avoidance if it is directed against a person.  If I must deal with a person I hate, I will be meticulously polite, but not friendly.  It takes a lot for a person to elicit hatred from me, and I can count on one hand, with fingers left over, the people I hate.  When I hate a situation, my reaction is to change it, make it less hateful.  Whether that’s campaigning to change a law (very rarely to enact a law, we have so many laws there’s bound to be one that applies in every situation that can be changed, there’s no need to confuse things with ever more new laws), working to change conditions so the hated event can’t exist, or eliminating the hated thing so it ceases to be, I take action.  This makes me an activist in many ways.

And there you have it, seven of my little quirks.


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