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And I haven’t even been here! Things have been so busy, but I have been writing.

It’s truly odd how this year I seem to be writing more background than not. I’ve successfully established a couple of characters, but find that two others are overlapping. They aren’t standing out distinctly and independently. That’s entirely my fault as I have created a character in “modern” (alternate world) times who really would be better 150 years ago. He doesn’t fit and I’m having some trouble getting him to fit so I seem to be wussing him out and blurring him with his partner.

Sad, really, since this character is supposed to be the MMC. I have a handful of MCs, as each scene is from a different POV, but in the end I have this one MC who is mainly in the know about what’s happening in Sylvan Acres. OK, he doesn’t really know what’s happening, he just knows who the residents really are – mostly – so he thinks he knows what’s happening. He gets as taken by surprise as everyone else by events and personality clashes and tech/paranormal clashes and such.

The Mom, who I intended to be mostly a walk on character living her life in her own flash, is having more input than I’d expected, too. That’s because I seem inherently unable to create a selfish mother. This is why I decided my main family would be untraditional but functional. It’s a family that supports one another in spite of the oddness of the family structure. A modern day Addams Family set in a world of computers, space stations, and preternaturals, divided between several households, run as a close held private corporation where everyone has their contribution, including the kids who have voting shares – an increasing number as they grow older.

I think perhaps I need to spend more time developing this family because they are the core around which the entire story revolves. I think I may need to add a couple more adults and possibly a few more children to the mix to make it work as I want. It’s too small to do what I want and I’ve burdened each character with too many superpowers. I need to back off on that and spread them out more, which means a larger family. That ill work.

And then I have to get started on a couple of the preternatural families living in Sylvan Acres. I have already laid the ground work for a pack of weres and hinted at a vampire clan, but I want to get the jinn family in there somehow as they play a major role in assisting the superhero family deal with their newfound powers while at the same time causing a serious breach in the touchy tranquility of Sylvan Acres. And the coven of witches needs to make their appearance soon, too, because while they aren’t major players in this story, they are a thread of continuity and stability throughout the story.

So, I better hop to it. I’m already 12,000 words into the story and I’m so behind in the telling of it.


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