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Weird Roadkill

Fat Keggers

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I encountered the weirdest roadkill ever for a land-locked state – sea bass.

Right there, on the side of the road, big and still wet from the water. There is no sea bass in Oklahome that I’m aware of, nore were our winds ever strong enough in the last few days to blow on in. The way he lay, he looked as if he’d been hit by a passing car and spun into his death pose there across the outside lane, straddling the painted line.

Not being a forensics scientist, I couldn’t tell if he was dead before the car hit him or if the car caused his demise.

I shall probably never know.

Now, though, I have this interesting story idea….it would fit most excellently into my “Thousand Days to Freedom” novel, which desperately needed something to counterpoint the Sand Dancers. Roadkill fish will also help carry the theme of the novel in a place where it was weak and needed reinforcement. One scene, just one scene, with roadkill fish, and it moves the whole novel forward to a point I’d been trying to reach for more than a year.

Poor fish, having to be washed up onto a back street in Oklahoma to help a struggling novelist make a literary point.

Nice fish, for sacrificing its life to further my novel.

I will not let your death be in vain. I may give you *two* scenes in my novel.


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Tree Innards

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Last night’s tornado that wandered down the street and across the apartment complex and through the park across the street was somewhere between an F-1 and an F-2 – it uprooted some large trees, broke branches off of other trees, peeled roof shingles off and moved autos that were in the parking lots and driving down the near streets. Winds were between 90 and 100 mph, with at least 2 gusts (probably when the tornado either was on the ground or almost on the ground) that exceeded 120 mph.

I know it’s an Okie thing, but Itzl and I watched the funnel moving along hoping it would miss laughterdance because it was her apartment complex that got hit the worst.

She’s fine, her apartment is fine, and while a couple of apartments in the complex were damaged, no one got hurt. In the end, that’s the important thing. Stuff can always – eventually – be replaced.

It was definitely interesting to hear and see the news helicopters flying overhead while you’re watching the news and see your house. That’s how I knew I had some downed limbs from the Zombie Maple and the cedars gave up some of their branches – I saw the damage on TV. It was too wet and dark to go outside and look for myself, so I appreciate the news crews showing me what repairs I’ll have to make in the coming weekend.

My neighbor’s stockade fence, that I just replaced with a fence of my own – blew completely down.

Not to brag or anything – OK, I’ll brag a bit – *my* fence didn’t even wobble. It’ll take an F-4 or better to knock that fence down. No piddly F-1 or 2 will faze it at all.

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